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If you're suffering from election-withdrawal, punch yourself in the face.
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Okay, so BFW's return from hiatus was premature. The fact is that Big Fat Whale earns me pennies, even though it takes nearly as much effort as The Strip, which pays my bills and has many more readers. (A few million or so.) After the election, I'm going to try to incorporate The Strip into this site, so it doesn't get so stale and showcases my best and most current work. And when the spirit, or someone's pocketbook, moves me, I'll continue to post new BFWs as well.

A quick reminder about signed prints. I still sell 'em, but I don't promote them that much. If you like a particular Big Fat Whale or The Strip, you can order a signed copy from me for just $25!

Hey, op-ed page editors and art directors! Did you know you can run The NYTimes' The Strip (and BFW, if you're so inclined) in your paper, just one day after it appears in Sunday Review? Get in touch!

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