In Search of …

In honor of Leonard Nimoy, who passed away today, here’s a throwback to a Strip I did featuring him way back in 2012. He’s obviously remembered as Spock, but he did a bunch of other stuff.


My earliest memory is of his voice at Boston’s Museum of Science. It is forever linked with field trips and brown bag lunches.

Coping Strategies for the Snowbound   Recently updated !

coping-thumbIn this week’s exclusive comic for The Nib, I try to help my fellow snowbound bastards cope with this terrible winter.

So far, I’ve shoveled over 7ft of snow. My clunker of a car became a necessary evil when Greater Boston’s public transit shit the bed for pretty much all of February, and citizens gave up the Sisyphean task of shoveling their sidewalks.

Despite the magnitude of these storms, I remain adamantly opposed to the Weather Channel’s bullshit of naming every weather event after some D&D nonsense.

Read the comic at The Nib.

The (In)Complete Field Guide to American Extremists

The (In)Complete Field Guide to American ExtremistsIt was another dumb week in dumbness. Everyone was arguing over the semantics of “radical this, extremist that” instead of what can be done about ISIS.

The options are terrible and nobody in elite circles wants to admit there’s nothing we can do. Over a decade of the United States’ foreign adventures should have proven that bombing campaigns only create more extremists, both abroad and among the war-crazies at home.

Meanwhile, there are a ton of other extremists right here doing their best to ruin everything.

Read the full comic at the NYTimes.